4 Trends for Your Signs this 2018

Technology is ever-evolving that’s why new trends are introduced to cater the needs of people. If you are looking for ways to modernise your signs, here are four design trends you should know:

  • Minimalistic and Sleek

Gone are the days when people think that the ‘louder’ your design is, the better. With increased awareness in aesthetic, people are developing a taste for minimalism and sleek designs. Corporate offices and companies are getting 3D lettering and logos for their reception areas. This is a clean and classy way to announce your brand or business name.

  • Illumination is In

Indoor places with inadequate light continue to use signage with illuminated backs to highlight their message. The need for illuminated signboards is great at night. This makes the establishment stand out. Customers are less likely to go to your place if they cannot immediately spot it in the dark. Having an illuminated sign can let people know that a store is safe.

  • Artistic Designs are in Vogue

The rise of aesthetic awareness requires the shift towards artistic designs instead of novelty or tacky ones. One way to do this is through the use of vinyl graphics on surfaces, especially glass. This helps maximise the use of your glass wall. Another way to do this is to simulate wall arts by placing large-scale indoor signboards. This gives your place a creative and friendly feel.

  • Conventional Signage is Still Effective

Whilst current trends do the job right, there is no denying that traditional ways of advertising are still very effective today. A lot of businesses continue to use A-frames, banners, flags and storefront signboards. A more eye-catching method to advertise is through vehicle wrapping in which the sign is wrapped to your car. Do not worry, though. These can be easily removed and changed.

Take advantage of these design trends. Make sure to include them in your future signs. Get in touch with a representative from Xel Graphics to know about their signage services. Find out more here!