Advantages Of Direct Hotel Booking

With the boom of tourism and hospitality industry, you can see more and more travel agencies that offer packages to travellers. Aside from these, there are also apps and websites that offer online booking. These third-party intermediaries provide great relief, especially to busy tourists. With just a few clicks using smartphones and PCs, anyone can secure reservations in hotels of different places in just a matter of minutes.

But despite the ease of the travel arrangements through these middlemen, there are still benefits from booking directly on the hotel that you intend to lodge. Here are some of them:

Cheaper cost – Without third-party intermediaries, hotels can pass the 20-30% fee that they should have paid for these middlemen.

More control – Since you are communicating with the receptionist directly, you can negotiate your room rates with them. You can also adjust your reservations easily when you deal straight with the hotel personnel.

More options and incentives – By connecting directly with in-house agents, you can get access to other incentives that you can’t find in third-party offerings. You might have freebies at the hotel gyms, spas, restaurants and other facilities while booking online that you don’t have access to if you do the reservations through third-party intermediaries.

Can have a virtual tour – Official website can provide a tour of the hotel facilities through online tools such as photos and virtual tours. This feature can give you an idea about what you can do and expect in the property.

Lesser risk – Booking through intermediaries can lead to errors and, possibly, foul play, especially during peak season. You can avoid falling into the risk of losing your money and travel opportunity by making reservations straight on the hotel’s website.

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