/All About Ducted Air Conditioning

All About Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning units are centralised cooling systems. It uses the same technology as a refrigerator. A refrigerant is circulated throughout the structure. This lowers the temperature efficiently, especially in large spaces.

How does it work?

To understand how centralised conditioners work, it’s important to learn about its components. Whilst some parts may be added to certain models or variants, all cooling systems will have the following:

1. Compressor – This comes in the form of a pump. It works to pressurise the refrigerant.
2. Evaporator – This is where the refrigerant goes once it’s in liquid form.
3. Expansion Valve – This controls how much refrigerant goes into the evaporator.
4. Condenser – This regulates the heat being transferred in the system.

When conditioners are set into a cold temperature, the evaporator is activated. A fan located near the system turns on as well, blowing the chilly wind into the room. When set to a hot temperature, the condenser is activated, and the same process happens.

In most settings, these systems aren’t set to extremes. They aren’t usually set to a temperature that is very cold or very hot – it’s usually somewhere in between. For this purpose, the expansion valve regulates the amount of refrigerant moving through the system. Smaller amounts mean that whilst there is still some coldness going through the coils, it’s balanced out by the condenser’s heat.

The refrigerant goes through three transformations throughout the process: liquid – gas – liquid. It starts off in liquid form as it goes towards the evaporator. It then turns into a gas whilst cooling. Once it’s done the job, it goes back into the compressor, which pressurises it back into a liquid.

In centralised systems, the components are larger and require more power. The cooling and heating system needs to meet the requirements of a bigger area. Ducts and vents are used to move the tempered air through different rooms.

This type of temperature control unit is best for large houses or commercial establishments. They deliver efficient results and require less energy. It’s also easier to operate, as individuals only need to deal with one machine for the entire structure.

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