All About Livestock Feeders

When you are raising a livestock animal, it is important that you are using the best livestock feed possible for your animals to grow healthy and to grow fast. There are a lot of livestock feeders to choose from but you can’t use them all to ensure the growth of your animals. There is always one particular feed that your animals will like and will want to eat. It is important that the feed that you are giving them is something that they want for them to want to eat it.

Livestock feeders come in two types, either wet or dry. The selection between the two depends on the animals that you are feeding. So, get to know what the animals want and give it to them. Just make sure that you are giving the right amount of ration so that you do not spoil them too much or you do not waste any of your feeds.

Here are some of the things that you should know about fodder stock feeders.

1. Wet or dry feed?

It depends on the animals that are being fed to whether the dry or the wet one will suit their taste. Say for example your livestock animals are pigs. Which should you give them? Studies have shown that pigs grow faster and healthier when they are given enough of both. The livestock feed that makes the pig grow faster and healthier is the combination of food, meaning the food should not be too wet or too dry. Also, the amount of food that they are getting every meal should be watched upon so that no foo will go to waste. For you to be able to ensure the proper growth of your livestock, do some tests on what kind of feeding will really suit them and if you see some progress, continue doing so.


2. Is it good for baby livestock animals? 

Apparently in pigs, wet and dry feed is also working well for the baby pigs. They are also showing some really good signs in terms of growth and in health. If you have other types of animals, you may want to test on some of your baby livestock animals if they are doing well with the food that is being food to those adult animals. Since it works well on baby pigs like the adult pigs, it may work on other animals as well. Just make sure that you test it first before using same feeding style permanently because things can always go wrong.

3. Should you use stainless steel for both wet and dry feed?

Using stainless steel on this kind of feeding style is recommended since no feed sticks on it. All the feed that goes in the stainless steel feeder can be eaten by the livestock animal and so you can guarantee that no feed will be wasted. Make sure that you test the stainless steel before using it permanently for the feeding since there are other stainless steels that do not work that well on wet/dry feeders.