Beginners Guide: The Things to Remember About Video Production

About Video Production

People want to capture those special moments in their lives, from what they will wear today to what food they will eat later. Everything, big or small, is documented. This is not only for picture collections, but also includes video production. In this generation where technology has become part of anyone’s life, access to gadgets is almost compulsory. It is easy to own an HD (high-definition) camera. Everybody can film their daily activities anytime, anywhere. Is it enough to just film it? Or is there a proper way of doing it?

What you do not know is that there are things you have to remember before you break out the camera and produce a video footage. Unlike taking photos where the subject is not moving, video footage does the opposite. You have to remember your purpose why you are filming. This includes who will be your audience and what are you trying to say. Once you have figured out your purpose, you have to pay attention to your subject and the size of the frame. Due to the enhancement of technology, we can be able to view videos in smaller spaces like mobile phones, tablets, and pop-up window on some websites. What to look great on the big screen might not look the same on smaller ones. Plan the venue where you are planning to show the video. You have to be resourceful of the space you have. Video production is not as simple as what you think it is. It needs creativity and perseverance.

Another thing you have to remember is knowing the limits of your camera equipment. Although your camera is designed to take pictures or videos, it doesn’t mean it is not capable of doing more or less. Explore and experiment on your camera’s capabilities. Some cameras are capable of slow motion while some have good quality sound and voice recording. You have to take note of your environment. The quality of sound your camera might capture may not be compatible with how it is designed for sound recording. One way of getting a good web video production result is the quality of lights used. Some people struggle as to what are the lightning techniques in video recording. If you are filming in an open area, the worst time to shoot is in the middle of the day because the sun shines the brightest on that time. The perfect time to shoot is when it is cloudy. When you are inside a room, put your subject in front of the window.

What you can do to achieve that professionally done such great production is to never stop practicing. You have to practice to learn more and enhance your skills. There is nothing wrong in committing mistakes. It is where you will learn and become better on doing video production, and on filming special moments of anyone’s life.