How to Buy Vape E-cig Starter Kits Online

Planning to switch to vape instead of the harmful habit of smoking cigarettes? You need to get kit that can cater to your needs as a beginner. Here are tips for buying vape e-cig starter kits online:


  • Decide Between Traditional or Mods

When choosing a type of vape for your starter kit, you need to determine what type of e-cig you want to purchase. Traditional ones such as cig-a-like and pens are less complicated to use so they are ideal for beginners. However, they have disposable parts. Mods are more expensive and complicated but are customisable depending on your tastes.

If you are undecided about the switch, disposable ones are perfect for you. These are cheaper so you don’t need to spend too much. It perfectly acts as a tester before deciding. Once you decide to switch to vaping permanently, you can buy a more expensive and long-term device.

  • Choose Between Big or Small Clouds

There are devices and types of juice that give out bigger clouds. Traditional devices tend to let out smaller clouds so if you prefer these, then get a pen or a cig-a-like.

  • Check the Nicotine Content

The number one reason why people switch to vaping is that they want to curb the bad effects of smoking a cigarette. This includes nicotine addiction. Start with juices with nicotine levels you are comfortable with, then gradually switch to ones with a lower content. This eventually leads to vaping without nicotine.

  • Part Replacements and Refills

Some devices have disposable parts such as tanks. Most mods require changing coils. You need to find a reliable store to buy parts and e-liquids from. To make sure that you get parts compatible with your device, buy a unit from a shop that not only sells devices but also parts and refills.

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