Signs Your Home Needs Ceiling Fans

Air needs to circulate inside our homes to rest our minds and bodies properly. If we can’t breathe fresh, clean air, our minds aren’t going to work as it should. Good ventilation in the house contributes significantly to our overall well-being because our homes are where we recharge ourselves the most. Find out if your house needs ceiling fans:

Ceiling Fans

Lingering smellCeiling Fans

Cooking meals in the kitchen without airways is like washing oneself without soap. It gets the job done but leaves room for other problems. If you have a small kitchen that you cook heavy meals in every day, and you don’t clean it that much after using, you should at least fan the air out so that the smell of seafood or meat flows out.

Dusty furniture

Another sign of not enough air circulation are chairs, tabletops, and cabinets that are covered with dust. It’s annoying when you wake up in the morning and reach for your phone on the bedside table only to have your fingers covered in soot-like dust. Nobody got time to wipe everything spotlessly clean in the morning before work.

Musty surroundings

It’s like when you walk inside a room and you just feel that something’s off. It’s filled with all kinds of things and displays and furniture, but it’s too dark and there’s no sunlight that pierces through the window. You feel like the room is crowded and hasn’t seen the light of day in months. There’s a weird smell that means there’s mould stuck in the windowsills.

Moist floors

Anything dripping wet is a pet peeve for many. Like when you walk out of the shower and come back later to see your wet footprints on the shiny tiles still not dried up and there’s dirt mixing in with the mess. It’s unhygienic (and icky!).

Humid feeling

If you’ve been sweating all day and night despite drinking 12 glasses of water, it means you need a cooling device to keep you from becoming a hot mess. If your ceiling fan’s broken, have it repaired as soon as possible especially in the summer months. You should also open your windows and wear cotton and breathable clothing.

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