5 Common Misconceptions About Air Conditioning

It is true that some of the most modern air conditioning units are built to make our lives easier by providing quality air. However, with its complexity, people tend to have various myths and misconceptions about how it really works. Most homeowners have developed different beliefs when it comes to providing a level of comfort whilst at the same time, keeping bills low.

Some of the most common misunderstandings are so hyped, that they are almost considered as facts. Below is a rundown of five common misconceptions you may want to know:

• Turning the temperature lower than usual can cool the room quicker

Lowering the temperature will not cause any effect on the speed of your unit. Instead, it will cost you a lot of money since it just requires your AC to run longer than it should. You should know that it will take the same amount of time for your AC to cool down regardless of what temperature it is set on.

• Closing the vents will result in cooler air

Most homeowners tend to share the same belief that closed vents will lead cold air to build up. A reputable company such as the Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning Services know that closing the vents can create a serious risk to your appliance. Doing this can freeze the motor of your unit leaving you with a warmer environment and expensive repair cost.

• Turning off your AC before leaving can save you money

You might have heard of this concept for quite a while now. Trust us when we say, this isn’t true. The reality is, turning off your AC before leaving can actually cost you more since you’ll come back to a warmer house. You can ask your service provider to install a programmable thermostat allowing you to set an automatic on and off system.

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