Different Types of Vape Mods

As industries adapt to the evolution of technology, vape manufacturers have created a wider variety of vape mods to accommodate all kinds of users. Whether you’re a beginner to an advanced-level one; or you’re someone who’s looking for a device that produces a large amount of vapour or one that resembles a regular cigarette.

Here are the different types of vape mods to choose from:

  • Pen Style

A pen style of vape mod, as you can already tell, is created to resemble a regular ballpoint pen. And with its mod made in a cylindrical shape, it also resembles the look of a regular cigarette.

Manufactured with minimum settings such as a firing button for its battery, mouthpiece and atomiser, it’s not hard to get your way around this vaping device.

  • Pod

Labelled as the upgraded and more compact version of a pen-style vape mod, this type is the go-to device for travelling.

It’s lightweight, easy to operate and makes use of a refillable pod, making it the perfect travel companion for vapes who don’t like carrying a bulky device or don’t like bringing their bottle of e-juice with them.

  • Box

Considered to be the most common type of vaping device, a box mod is larger and bulkier in appearance. That’s because it contains larger batteries with greater wattages, giving users a longer vaping experience.

And unlike a pod or pen type of mod, it’s made with a larger tank to save you the effort from frequently refilling your device.

  • Mechanical

Known to be the cheapest and simplest of its kind, this type is basically made of three components: body, battery and atomiser. Its body comes in various shapes, colours and sizer to fit every user’s preference.

But as affordable as a mechanical vape mod is, it is recommended only to advanced-level vapers as its coils require proper installation and it doesn’t have the same amount of safety features other types have.

With so many vape mods to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your style and level of expertise. Visit Vaporised NZ’s website to find the best one for you!