E Juice Top Ten Flavours to Choose From

If you are a vaping enthusiast, you know how hard it is to find flavours you like. You might even look up articles and get recommendations on where you can find something new. Below are e juice top ten flavours you should try today:


  1. Classic Tobacco – This is your best bet if you are looking for something perfect for beginners. With its strong tobacco notes and a nice caramel aftertaste, you won’t be looking back ever again.
  2. Menthol – Nothing beats a refreshing palate cleanser. With a mentholated flavour, you can feel cool and fresh at the same time. Give this a try if you want to experience a new sensation unlike any other.
  3. Yellow Cake – For dessert-lovers, this is a treat for you. This yellow pound cake is laced with a vanilla icing. As a result, you get the most pleasurable vape experience.
  4. Guava Pear Cobbler – Tired of peach cobblers? Imagine eating a warm dish with notes of peach and guava. Their fruity, tangy and juicy aftertaste will leave you wanting for more.
  5. Old Fashioned Donut – Take a walk down memory lane and enjoy this e juice. Paired together, doughnuts and coffee in your mouth are certainly one for the books.
  6. Pink Parfait – Imagine a smooth, creamy and delightful parfait topped with lots of strawberries. Finished with a Bavarian sweet cream on top, it will surely satisfy the sweet tooth in you.
  7. Espresso Con Panna – For coffee lovers out there worry not. This exciting offering will definitely perk you up. Take a long hit and you can almost feel as if you’re drinking the real thing.
  8. Mile High Banana Pie – What better way to end your day than taking a hit of banana pie? With hints of custard and caramel, you will surely end your evening on a sweet note.
  9. Black Tea – Fond of taking afternoon snacks? This is your best to wash everything down. Not to mention, this will surely help you out of that midday slump.
  10. Tutti Frutti – A combination of candied fruits, this will feel like you’re a kid again. Every hit will leave you begging for more.

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