/Everything You Need to Know About Building Inspections

Everything You Need to Know About Building Inspections

This process might sound like a stressful, troublesome job. Trust us when we say performing building inspections before buying a certain property may be very beneficial for you and your future. Knowing everything about a home you want to invest your money at is a key factor in achieving your dream house. This article will enable you to gain a deeper understanding regarding this matter.

What exactly is a pre-purchase building inspection report?

Also referred to as a standard property report, a pre-purchase building report is a type of inspection that contains a written account stating the condition of a property. It contains a record of any significant defects or problems such as a faulty roof, cracking of walls and even safety hazards. Usually done before exchanging and signing of contracts, this report can help you identify which part of the house needs repair or replacement. In addition, this step will save you from a major headache and serious damages that might cost you a lot.

Report content

The format of an inspection report and the number of details included will depend on the type of property you wanted to check. A consultant or an inspector can help you determine the parts that needed serious attention.

Usually, reports follow a standard format or use the same comprehensive checklist, however, experts can also provide an individual format that will suit the property’s needs.

General information

These are few of the most important areas that should be included in a building inspection report.:

• Interior and exterior of a property
• Roof space
• Roof exterior
• Subflooring
• Site

You might want to include other areas that also need to be inspected including:

• The existence of safety switch
• Working smoke alarms

Scheduling a report

Ask the permission of the property owner to have the property inspected, this should be settled as early as your sale negotiations. Most consultants will need a minimum of 2-3 days before performing a building inspection.

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