Gas Hot Water System–How to Maximise Your Home Resale Value

When selling a home, homeowners want to make sure they receive the best possible price for their home. If you are a homeowner interested in maximising the resale value of your property, you need to make smart home renovation and upgrade decisions to make your haven more attractive to home buyers. One part of the home that when improved will increase the home’s resale value is the gas hot water system Brisbane.

The heater is the third most used system in a home. If you have an old or poor performing heater, potential buyers will view the thing as an added expense they will incur if they purchase your property. Listed below are several helpful tips to maximise your home’s value:

Improve System Efficiency

Heat can escape from the tank and pipes and this will result in an increased utility bill. You can reduce the loss of heat and lower your heating bill by as much as 60% if you add insulation around the hot water tankand pipes. There are foil-backed insulation blankets available that are wrapped around the tank. Insulate the pipes coming from the heater as well as pipes that are exposed to the cold.

Place the Heater in an Ideal Area

You can make the hot water heater more efficient by placing the system near the laundry room, kitchen or bathroom. Also, make sure the system is sheltered to reduce heat loss and prevent drafts from blowing out the pilot lights.

Replace Your Old Heater

If your heating setup is coming to the end of its life or is in poor working condition, you may want to replace it with a new gas hot water system. An energy-efficient system will increase the resale value of the home. A solar powered water heater is a good choice as these heaters use the sun to heat the water. They can reduce heating bills up to 70%. A gas-boosted solar system is the most efficient heater available. Also, you can consider natural gas water heaters that create about two-thirds less greenhouse gas emissions than electric water heaters. A homeowner can also save hundreds of dollars on their heating bills when using gas powered heaters.