How to Get Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems work to cool an entire area. They’re a centralised solution to all your cooling needs. These can be used in both residential and commercial settings. If you’re thinking of getting this type of cooling system, here are a few tips that should help.

Ducted Air Conditioning

How big is your area?

Ducted Air Conditioning

Central cooling systems can use one or multiple condensers, depending on how big the area is. As a general rule, the more rooms you have, the more equipment you’ll need. Most residences can make do with one condenser, as people don’t usually come and go. The temperature stays even most of the time, making it easier to cool.

Commercial spaces will often need more than one unit to cool all the rooms. These places see a lot of traffic. Every time someone opens a door, cool air gets out, which the equipment has to compensate for. Medium-sized establishments will do well with two to three units, depending on how many floors and rooms your building has. Keep in mind that if you’re housing more people, you’ll need a bigger system as well.

Large buildings will require multiple condensers to keep the temperature low in every room. This is especially true for multi-floor buildings. One unit per floor is a good baseline to start with. If you notice sub-optimal cooling in certain areas, you should start adding condensers.

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Get ready for construction.

Before installing central cooling systems, you’ll get ducts installed on the facility. Sometimes known as vents, it allows the cool wind to travel to different parts of the building or home. To add to this, it sucks out the hot temperature from the room and ventilates it outdoors.

The length of construction will depend on how big the structure is. Homeowners can expect it to last anywhere from two to four weeks. Medium to large buildings can take months, as the job is more complicated. To add to this, if you need high-rise construction work, you might need to hire specialised rope access technicians to do the job.