/Where to Go Diving in the Philippines

Where to Go Diving in the Philippines

A lot of people go diving in the Philippines. The country is surrounded by oceans with a vast sea life. The island is populated with coral reefs and exotic animals, making it the perfect spot for both beginner and veteran divers. Looking for a place to test out your new gear? Here are a few popular tourist attractions.


Apo Island, Negros Oriental, Dumaguete

Apo Island boasts of a rich marine reserve, which is taken care of by the National Integrated Protected Area Act and Management Board and Siliman Unversity Marine Laboratory. It’s one of the most popular dive sites in the Philippines. You can stay at one of two resorts in Apo Island: Apo Island Beach Resort and Liberty Lodge.

There are more than 650 known species of fish in the marine reserve. It’s home to 400 species of corals – a majority of Philippine’s reserve. You can pay a small fee to get into the area. All proceeds go to the maintenance and conditioning of sea life in the island.

Monad Shoal, Cebu City

If you want to see thresher sharks in action, this is the place to be. Not to worry, though. The sharks go to the Monad Shoal to clean themselves after their meals. Blue streak fish and moon cleanser wrasse cleanse their mouth, gills and skin to remove gnathiids and parasites. Apart from thresher shards, you’ll also find eagle rays and devil rays getting their afternoon bath!

Experienced divers can go over the plateau edge see the diverse reef walls in the area. It goes to depths of up to 200 metres. It’s highly recommended for divers with an advanced certification level. Beginners are highly cautioned, as the area can be a tricky dive for the inexperienced.

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Coron Bay, Palawan

Historians will rejoice in Coron Bay! You can view underwater World War II wrecks. It’s one of the most unique dive spots in the country. If you want to view a piece of history upfront, this is the place to be.