Golden Profession – Commercial Makeup Artist

A commercial makeup artist is an individual who uses cosmetic, skin care, hair care and natural products or clinical processes to improve the skin outlook or enhance an aesthetic expression of the human body for commercial gains. A commercial makeup artist may use prosthetics or special effects that enhance someone’s general body structure. Human beings are social in nature and are responsive to positive comments of beauty directed to them. Most people would like to enhance their outlook in order to get positive comments from other members of society. There are many ways to enhance a person’s general appearance. Those who would like to change their skin tone would prefer to visit a makeup artist to help them to choose the best product to achieve their desired skin texture. Those who prefer tattoos would go to a tattooist for body or facial decoration. Similarly, those with needs such as teeth decoration will visit a specialist with dental beautification, and those who are obsessed a certain skin colour wouldn’t hesitate to get a cosmetic product that would change the colour of their skin. All these body enhancement procedures and methods would require some kind of expertise be it by herbalists or trained makeup artists. The resultant effect being a thriving commercial market for skincare products and body enhancement procedures carried out across Australia and the worldwide over. Sale and consumption of beauty products are a multibillion industry and they employ millions of people in Australia and other parts of the world. Women are the highest consumers of makeup products worldwide ranging from hair care products, human hair, facial and body care products, prosthetic products and even products that require surgical operations. Random surveys show that 9 out of every 10 women consume makeup products or visit a makeup artist daily. This means that a commercial makeup artist is among the top most-sort-after individuals in the service industry across the world.

Makeup artists receive formal or on the job training due to the nature of their work which ranges from simple to complex procedures. Simple skills such as braiding, knitting, haircuts, applying nail polish can easily be acquired through on-the-job observation and training while complex skills that require surgical operations and procedures or application of complex makeup that has dangerous chemicals are done by highly trained makeup professionals.

This artistic profession has been mostly dominated by ladies from antiquity to the modern world. This is because, in the past, this profession was considered only a feminine affair and men could not dare participate or even consume beauty products. But the trend is fast changing because of a number of factors which include: the globalization of lifestyles (cultural diffusion through international socialisation), easy access to beauty products and rise in living standards of people in general and advancement in lifestyle-related technology. Social media among other forms of socialization are quickly driving the growth of the beauty industry and a commercial makeup artist is assured of a job in this error of technological advancement. The only changes a commercial makeup artist should expect is the way business is done and the tools of the trade will keep changing. The only way to continue being relevant in the profession is to continuously upgrade skills in line with the changing needs.

A commercial makeup artist is becoming more and more creative and this has ensured continued growth of the beauty industry in Australia and other parts of the world. Men are also diving into the business in droves and not only on the operational aspect but consuming beauty products alike. This has seen the growth of salons, barber shops, massage franchises, tannings beds and the introduction of various hair care, skin care, cosmetics, perfumes and colognes, deodorants, antiperspirants, and oral hygiene products.