/Tips for Making High-Quality Custom Stickers

Tips for Making High-Quality Custom Stickers

Presenting your brand and visual identity is no easy feat. It means balancing the desire to step out of the box whilst keeping up with industry-approved trends and standards. If you are interested in creating high-quality custom stickers, take note of these tips:

Custom Stickers

Advanced and Clean Labels

Custom Stickers

Whether you are selling food products, promoting your company or supporting an organisation, clean and sleek labels are your best bet. Many businesses today are going for a minimalist look, allowing the brand and the product to shine.

Embracing Simplicity

As the popular saying goes, simplicity is key. This holds true especially when it comes to packaging and customised stickers. Try to incorporate only the essential elements, such as nutritional facts and the company logo.

Whilst you may want to go outside the box, think of this as cutting the clutter. Too much intricate or flashy designs can lead people in the wrong direction. Worse, they may be put off from fully patronising your products. If you want them to see your offerings for what these really are, try going for a simple and even monochromatic look.

High-Resolution Files

To produce high-quality stickers, it’s a no-brainer that you should have high-resolution files on hand. This way, you won’t experience blurry or even pixelated images once the printing is done. Not only will this become a turn-off for most of your customers, this will also reflect poorly on your image.

Become Eco-Friendly

There is a great need for more eco-friendly products on the market. Start by sourcing sustainable materials and even vegan dyes. This is perfect especially if your advocacy, company and products are in line with an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. People who are also environmental-friendly can patronise your products.

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