Quick Tutorial in Installing Floating Timber Flooring

Aside from being appealing and affordable, floating timber flooring Melbourne is quick and easy to install. Here is how to get started to give your floor a beautiful woody look in 5 easy steps.

Timber Flooring


STEP 1: Make sure to complete this checklist

  1. Foam underlay.
  2. Floating floor panels.
  3. wood glue.
  4. Rubber Mallet and head brads
  5. Breading for perimeter job and woodfiller
  6.  Belt or drum sander
  7. Written instruction from your manufacturer.

STEP 2: Prepare the surface

Evaluate your floor and determine the area you need to cover. Before you start installing your floating timber flooring, make sure that the surface is even. It is recommended to leave the panel packs for a week in the room where it will be installed to adapt to the surface.

STEP 3 Prepare the base

Use 0.2 to 0.4mm plastic and overlap it along the joins. This will act as the moisture underlay specially if your flooring is concrete. You can also use a plywood as a subfloor. Level your floor and make sure that there are low spots and high spots. You can also use a sandpaper to flatten the entire surface. Extensively vacuum the room immediately before starting.

STEP 4: Installing

Start by laying the floor at a corner of the longest wall. If the room is irregular in shape, making a diagonal layout is suggested. Makes use of kneepads and dusk mask while laying the panels in the floor.

  1. Use a spacer against the all and place the next piece from end to end. The spacer will help you to have a small barrier around the side of the room and it will give enough of buffer for this while avoiding cracking.
  2. Always snap the 2 tounge and grove of the flooring together and hit the kicker with a hammer. Place the next row and stagger the joints. Continue to do this until you reach the end of the floor.
  3. For the last piece cut the it so it will fit in the space. It will leave a small buffer between and the walls. In cutting the flooring, use a jigsaw or a circular saw.

STEP 5: Finishing your floating timber flooring

When the last row is finished, you can now remove the spacers from the edge of the walls. You can put some beading to make it look seamless. If it requires you to clue, then do so.
And that is how you do it.

For tile floorings, hire a tile and grout cleaner to help you with it.