8 Types of Internal Blinds You Can Buy

Improve the appearance and design of your home by installing internal blinds. Below are widely-used blinds that you can choose from:

Internal Blinds

  • Aluminium Venetian

Venetian is the classic type of blind that’s seen in both homes and offices. Its horizontal design allows for the control of sunlight that enters the room, covering windows as well as adding style with the variety of colours available.

For a modern look, try dark colours like ebony black, navy blue or porpoise grey.

  • Honeycomb/Cellular

This has risen to popularity due to its good temperature control. The hexagon feature allows for the cool temp being retained during summertime and heat during wintertime. Because of its multi-purpose characteristic, it’s versatile and practical. It comes in different colours as well.

  • Motorised

Another popular pick is motorised awnings that can be controlled with a simple touch of a button that’s technology-operated. Nowadays it’s possible to have it connected to a computer or smartphone.

It’s really simple to use especially in homes that have tall windows, or homes designated for the aged since it requires minimal physical effort.

  • Panel Glides

If you have wide glass doors facing the yard or patio, you can use panel glides to cover it up. Its blackout feature gives you complete privacy from the outside and protection from the sun. Or if you feel too constricted with a blackout blind, there’s sheer, light-filtering that’s easier on the eyes.

  • Roller Blinds

Operated by either a chain or motorised, this type can be rolled up or down depending on your preference. It’s also easier to be hidden away because of the rolling feature.

Day and Night Rollers are for you if you prefer having a blackout and sheer in one.

  • Vertical Blinds

These are made with polyester that’s easy to clean and fade-resistant. The long slats allow for a seamless window protection. It can be rotated in whatever direction you prefer. It can be motorised as well.

  • Vertisheers

As its name suggests, these are long, vertical fabrics that provide light filtering as well as complete cover. Pretty to look at and versatile.

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