How to Maintain Security Screens

Security screens provide safety and protection to homeowners. In fact, these valuable additions help deter crime and prevent unwanted visitors. These fixtures also protect your property and its foundation from insects, pests and unfavourable weather conditions. Because of this, it’s only right to maintain your screen doors so they can last for a long time. After all, these provide you with a lot of benefits, so why not help care for these, right?

Here are some ways how you can clean and maintain these gates:

  • Buy Proper Cleaning Supplies

After considering what kind of material you have, make sure to buy the right cleaning supplies. Whilst these screens are highly resistant to weather and other elements, you don’t want cleaning components to react negatively, right? Your best bet here would be to get gentle and mild cleansing agents and just give your gates a simple wipe down.

  • Consider the Materials

Before doing a total wipe down, it’s best to consider the kind of materials of the screen door. This way, you can avoid damaging its surfaces and its structure. There are a lot of materials available on the market today. If you don’t know what to get, ask a trusted supplier.

Dolomite Blinds and Awnings provide an extensive array of materials to choose from. Their best seller, made from high-quality aluminium security grills, can perfectly match any home.

  • Have a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Since these screen doors are placed outside your original door, these can accumulate a lot of dust and dirt over time. Being exposed to various elements, your security screen may not serve the best form of protection when covered in grime. Come to think of it, these may even become detrimental to your health, particularly because these carry contaminants and allergens.

To avoid this, maintain a regular cleaning schedule. Doing this can help you eliminate dust and dirt that have clung to the gate.

To know more how to care for your security screens, contact Dolomite Blinds and Awnings.