Must Know Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketers have it tough. The digital world is a very volatile market, with trends being dynamic and ever changing. Here we list the digital marketing trends you and your business should watch out for this year 2016.

Your potential consumers are not just changing devices. It is not just the laptop or the cell phone they discard and buy a new one. They also get updates. Updates from the platforms or applications they have that enhance the overall user experience. Although this fact may be intimidating for digital marketers, it is also an opportunity for you and your business to grow. Expand. Innovate.

Enough of the introduction, let’s get to the point, shall we? These are the top 10 must know trends in digital marketing for the year 2016.

  • Consumers are focusing more on healthy living.

If that’s what they want, give it to them. A lot of digital marketing tools are catering to health-conscious individuals who want to keep track of what they eat, how far they have walked, how much they have gained and so on. Again, it is the age of the technology-savvy nowadays. If there is an online application for calculating calorie counts, then consumers are sure to patronize it rather than computing on paper and using calculators. What’s more, there are lots of opportunities for integrating healthy living into technology since you get to know more about your client profiles.

  • Pinterest is taking the marketing industry by the storm.

There is more to Pinterest than just mason jars. Sure, you may scoff at the idea of just pinning images, placing them under categories and then pinning more images. But, this is actually how sellers are able to market their items quickly. Take it from Amazon and Etsy sellers. By just looking at a user’s set of boards and pins, you already have a glimpse of her preferences. What’s more, it’s easy to set the users apart based on their interests on Pinterest.

  • Believe in content marketing.

Believe it or not, users still cherish valuable content. Capture your target audience with meaningful articles and inspirational messages and they will certainly keep on coming back. Turn it to a wonderful opportunity of learning what enthrals your audience and what they keep looking for. Provide them with something new, something unique, something worth their time.

  • Try the enhanced “word of mouth” digital marketing.

How to do this? Let your consumers do the talking and the sharing. Allow them to share the content you have. In reality, it is a more effective way of reaching out to others because there is a personal touch and connection pre-established. For instance, once a client avails of your product or service, encourage him to provide an honest feedback. Then, put up his experience as content material. An example for this is when businesses send out products like make-up to Youtubers and the customers share their experience via the said channel.

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