Party Caterers For A Successful Event

How much does it cost to prepare enough food for around a hundred guests by you? Ever wondered how much more expensive a caterer would quote for preparing and serving the same food? The cost could be three times or even more. Then why would one opt to hire party caterers at such a high cost? Is it really worth the cost? These are some question that every party planner would ask themselves. Well, there are some very big advantages to hiring a party caterer.

Let’s look at a few. To start with, you don’t have to go out shopping for groceries, condiments and other food items; not to forget the other accessories that go along with your food. Secondly, you have one less work to do and can concentrate on other aspects of the party. From wine to cake and food, they are like a one stop shop to all your catering needs. In short, they make your work so much easier. But all this does not come for a free. There is a sizeable price you need to put to get all this. However, there are several ways to finding party caterers at a competitive price. You will still be paying a higher price than doing things on your own, but you can always find a caterer to suit your budget and be carefree of the tensions related to food preparation and serving.

When I spoke to a friend about this, she gave me a little hint about what she did for her wedding. She was going through the same dilemma when it came to her little family event. Though it was a family wedding with only 50 guests, she wanted to outsource the catering job to a professional just so her guests feel satisfied when they leave the wedding. So she came up with a plan. The first thing she did was contact multiple party caterers in her area and some even from remote locations and got quotes from each of them. She made sure she was able to customize the food package according to her needs.

Some caterers have their standard and bestselling food items which they usually price lower than the others. She tried to choose some of those. Always remember to consider labour costs. Most of the labour charges are by the hour. So cut down on the dinner time. That can considerably lower the costs. Also, some raw materials when bought by you, are much cheaper. This is a task that might require some effort. But it cuts down the cost considerably.

Try to identify startups with a positive approach; since they are new to the market, they would definitely offer you a lower price than their counterparts. Try to engage your friends in getting some work done. On the whole, party caterers are experts who know the ins and outs of serving an event. So with the right kind of prep work, you can find party caterers Melbourne who will do exactly what you want and that too in your budget.