/Tips for Placing Smoke Alarms in Your Apartment

Tips for Placing Smoke Alarms in Your Apartment

Apartment dwellers in Brisbane know how hard it is to put up anything in the rental property. From your walls to the flooring, even in the bathroom and kitchen, almost everything needs to be approved by your landlord. Smoke alarms are some devices which you should definitely not forget. If you need help placing these in your condo or apartment, here are some clues to help you out:

Close to Your Bedrooms

Let’s face it, your bedroom doors are often closed. After all, this allows you to get all the rest you need. However, it can be difficult for people on the other side of the door to let you know the situation outside. To give you the peace of mind you deserve, why not mount the detector right in your bedroom?

Near Electrical Lines

There are many battery-operated devices available on the market today. However, many companies still advise homeowners and renters to go for hard-wired detectors. This way should an unfortunate circumstance present itself, the alarm would still go off without any disruption.

Never the Kitchen

Many individuals living in an apartment think that they should place their smoke detectors in the kitchen. Whilst the kitchen can certainly be a source of fires, you shouldn’t place the alarm directly in the vicinity. As you know, cooking, baking, using the microwave and even toasting bread can bring a lot of smoke. As a result, it can lead to many false alarms.

Away from Air Vents and Drafts

Make sure that when you install these detectors, place these away from air vents and other drafts in the walls or ceilings. So, ensure that there is ample space between windows, doors and other small openings. These spaces can help air enter from the outside, thereby interfering with your system.

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