Practical Uses of Line Markers

Professionally-made line markers have a lot of applications. They are used as a tool for orientation, whether it be when you’re driving or walking. Sometimes, they’re used for directional purposes – they tell you where to go in a huge space. They’re used in commercial and industrial areas, but sometimes find their way in residential communities as well.

Shopping centres, groceries and other high-traffic commercial centres.

In Australia, there are at least 1,753 shopping centres since August of 2015. Of those numbers, at least 67 outlets are home to one or more department stores. 286 structures are sub-regional centres, meaning they contain at least one discount department store inside.

These shopping centres are home to more than 65,000 small, specialised shops. This is because these malls have more foot traffic than any other commercial space in the country, making the chances of a sale higher than average. In fact, shopping centres in Australia see an average of 23.6 million people a year.

That’s a lot of people for a small space. Considering there are over 18.2 million registered vehicles in the country, it’s safe to say that these malls need ample parking space. Given the set amount of space each lot has, how are malls able to fit in so many vehicles at once?

Using lines to mark the parking lots help to maximise the parking spaces – more so than what most would expect. Firstly, they create a set space for each vehicle. This means one car is sure to only occupy one space at a time. This opens a slot for other customers.

Secondly, these services create an organised flow of vehicles that are coming and going. The markings are precisely measured, including:

  • How much space should there be per slot?
  • How many cars should be in one lot?
  • How much room does one space have to back up?


Considering these factors, professionals ensure that cars can leave and park as they please, regardless whether the area is full or not. This helps ease the traffic in shopping centres and malls, making it easy to come-and-go.

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