Protect Your Hearing Using These Tips

Do you have trouble hearing other people, including the whispers of ‘I love you’ by your partner and family or instructions by your bosses? You might be suffering from hearing loss. Just recently, the World Health Organisation has raised a red flag concerning the worsening hearing problems of teenagers and young adults. This is apart from the increasing number of workers that are suffering from work-related hearing impairment.

Aside from consulting with a health professional, you need to protect your ears using the following measures.

Limit sound level of your audio devices – Check the audio level of your personal listening devices like mp3 players. Teach your children to use headphones appropriately. Whenever possible, buy headphones that can block out background noise to prevent your child from turning up the volume in a noisy environment.

Wear protective gears – Ask your employer to provide you appropriate gears such as such as earplugs or earmuffs if you are working in an occupation where the risk of hearing damage is high. You can also ask for arrangements for job set-up that meets federal or state regulations.

Buy low-noise products – Compare decibel ratings of different headphone and choose the ones that emit lower decibel levels. Choose high-quality but more expensive models that can produce clear sounds at lower sound level.

Check the decibel level of your place – Download an app that can find out the decibel level in any environment you’re in. When the sound is louder than 85 dB, start using protective gears or go farther from the area.

Always check your hearing health – Your hearing needs the same professional care as your dental and medical regimen. As such, make it a habit of consulting a health professional regularly for hearing tests. You can also test your hearing thru online. Some employers conduct hearing check-up as part of their healthcare regimen. Make sure you know your results and track it yearly.

Just like any other parts of your body, you need to take care of your ears. Having hearing problems might endanger your relationships, career, and life in general. So, consult any hearing problems with your doctors now to prevent damages for your health and safety.