Retaining Walls: Trends in Landscaping Today

Retaining walls add a level of dimension and sophistication to an otherwise plain and unused space. In fact, these fixtures elevate the look of your whole space. Aside from making your place look streamlined and structured, these walls also make your property more functional than ever before. If you are interested in availing these today, here are some trends that you can try:


Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are all the rage these days. These great additions certainly make your property an inviting space to be in. Aside from expanding and maximising your available property, this improves the practicality and overall functionality of your place.

With these, you can spend more time outdoors admiring the view whilst cooking up meals. Feel free to have your friends and family over so you can bond over delicious meals.

Terraced Design

Sloping yards and gardens can be quite tricky. However, with a retaining wall in place, this can make that sloped yard into a usable space. With a terraced design, you can utilise your area despite being irregularly shaped. In fact, you can even create a raised or sunken area that highlights the beauty of your property.

Transitional and Functional Spaces

Landscaping walls can help build transitional and functional areas within your property. These can draw attention to an outdoor living area or serve as a transition area to direct from room to the next. To make your location more accessible and usable, you can incorporate built-in seating to help create a permanent outdoor living space.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens take landscaping to a whole new level. Besides displaying your plants in a cool and interesting manner, these make for a visual feast. Not only can these hold your precious planters securely, these walls can also create varying depths within your space.

If you are interested in building retaining walls, don’t forget these emerging and popular trends today. For more information, contact Creating Eden right away.