Types of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a modernised version of your usual window awnings that’s automatic, but still pleasing to the eyes. They come in various colours and pattern on the fabric that add sophistication to the interior of your home without the complexities. It’s safer than the conventional ones pulled down with the use of a durable string. It’s a simpler, newer version.

Roller Blinds


Roller Blinds

What makes these easy to use is because it is automated. Unlike plastic, wooden or metal blinds, this is made from an opaque fabric. The fabric is thick enough to give you privacy. It’s controlled using a button on a control panel that’ll be installed in your house. You can easily open or close it without much effort. It works well in the office as well.

Since it’s made from soft material, it’s kid-friendly and won’t harm the children when they’re busy playing with it. It won’t prick the skin, so there’ll be no cuts and bruises.


Another type is the block-out, which protects you from too much sun exposure, hence the name. But aside from controlling the amount of sunlight that enters your room, it offers enough protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays that cause melanoma, skin ageing or cancer.


In contrast with the latter, this lets in the sun’s rays at day and offers a subtle coverage during the night. It’s perfect for lazy, summer days where you want to chill inside your room and still be getting some sun. Keep the house full of light and enjoy your privacy with sheers.

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This is sheer and block-out rolled into one. Either put the sheer one first and then install this over it or vice versa. It’s two times the protection and privacy. It’s the best day-to-night kind of covering.


Like sheers, this also lets in light from the outside, is highly UVA/UVB resistant, and not really covers that much. The main difference is that with translucent you can still view the trees and buildings outside your apartment or workplace window.