Selecting the Right Off Road Caravans

There are many reasons why you should invest in off road caravans. First is the freedom to go to places that are not part of the route of commuter vehicles. You can explore the rough terrains of Australia by taking with you your off road caravans. The adventurous part of you need not slow down once you have this piece of companion on the road as it is capable of keeping up with your lifestyle. Be it in a forested area, near water areas, rough and mountainous terrain, you can enjoy the outdoors with off road caravans Australia.

Why is it called off road?

The design is basically the same as the regular caravan with all the amenities such as bath area, sleeping area, among others. What makes campervan hire Perth different is the capacity to handle rough terrains such as unsealed roads, potholes, desert tracks, to name a few.

Types to choose from

1) Full height off road caravans Australia- this is similar to the regular caravan only that it is constructed in such a way that it can handle rough roads. Whatever road stress there is, the caravan can take it. The differences lie on the construction of the chassis which is made larger, added water tanks, the cabinets are stronger, heavy duty bumpers, among others. The only disadvantage is that it is relatively heavier and quite challenging to tow.

2) Pop top off road caravans Australia- this is similar to the full height except that the roof is lower. It is referred to as pop top because the passenger can open the sides for more ventilation. The ceiling or the roof is made from hard material but the sides are made from vinyl or canvas that has a zipper which can be opened. It is more advantageous over the full height in a sense that it is lighter to tow and less gas is used when towing. Also, it can be easily parked on home driveway because it does not have any height issues.

Advantages of off road caravans Australia

1) Camping becomes cheaper because you can park it for days in national parks, free camps, bush stays. This is relatively cheaper than parking the caravan in corporate caravan parks.

2) Since it is constructed for rough roads, hard to reach areas can now be accessed. You can enjoy the outdoor sceneries and adventures even more.

This type of vehicle are quite expensive. Store then on a safe caravan storage facility. Do some research and read reviews. If  necessary, check the facility personally.