/3 Ideas for Aesthetically-Pleasing Shade Sails

3 Ideas for Aesthetically-Pleasing Shade Sails

With the intense heat from the sun, you want to protect yourself from any harm it can bring. Do not let yourself suffer from heatstroke, sunburns and even skin cancer. You can purchase shade sails for protection. If you are worried that it might ruin your property’s aesthetic, then use these ideas to create aesthetically-pleasing shades:

Different Layers and Shapes

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You can get triangle- and square-shaped sails. These different-shaped canopies can be placed in layers to create a functional and appealing shade. Yes, you have the option of placing two square canopies side-by-side. However, the curved sides of these shades leave the middle area uncovered and exposed to the elements. To fix this, you can place a triangular one over the gap, creating a layered design.

There are a lot of options you can do to maximise the coverage and stylistic potentials of your canopies. You should experiment with different layering before buying your sails.


Even when you strategically place your canopies, the position of the sun in every hour of the day can affect effectivity of your shades. For example, the sun is high overhead during noon, so your shades might be more effective. To have optimum coverage, you can create a tilted design by attaching two opposing corners at higher points. This can create a dome-like shade that can prevent sunlight from getting to you.

Minimalistic Designs

If your property has a very minimalistic design, then these sails are perfect for improving its visual appeal. These create depth and provide details to your otherwise plain exterior. This gives your home more character and style.

However, you should keep in mind that buildings with intricate architecture might not look good with these shades. Those with very detailed designs might clash with the additional details given by these canopies. Too many details can be overwhelming and might drown out some features of both your shades and property.

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