Signs That your Contact Lenses Are Not Suiting You

You might love to take off your glasses and use contact lens in your day to day life. But using these lenses safely without causing any damage to your sensitive eye is a very responsible task. Though these lenses look minute and easy to handle, you should wear them with caution. So understanding the signs which indicate that the lenses are not for you can help in avoiding further eye infections and even blindness.

Blurriness in vision

Quite a few times you might experience blurred vision even though you are wearing a clinically proven contact lens after checking your eye sight. It may sound funny, but if ignored, this can lead to major irritation or serious issues relating to your eye. This inaccuracy in vision can be caused due to cataract, refractive error, macular degenerating holes and diabetic retinopathy which are all eye related problems. So if you find it difficult to see objects clearly take the issue seriously and check your lenses before the situation worsens. For replacement, check discount contact lenses here.

Dry eyes

You might often have the tendency of rubbing your eyes when you are wearing lenses. You might also feel that your eye is itching or feels sandy and might put the blame on lack of sleep, tiredness or change in climatic conditions. But if you think deeply, this might really not be the reason. So this is a sign which cautions you to get your contact lens checked and replaced if necessary. Also, if the disposable lenses are not soaked for a few extra hours in the solution, they might lose their moisture and make your eyes dry.

Eye watering

Contact lens should be used very carefully and should be worn and removed only after cleaning your hands. If you allow dust, perfume or your makeup particles to come in contact with your lenses your eyes will certainly burn when you actually wear them. Also, you have to be sure that you are not overusing your lens above a certain period of time and changing it whenever required. If care is not taken to follow the simple steps you might end up having a watery eye, which is a pretty irritating and an uneasy feeling.