What are Skylights?

Skylights, also known as fenestrations, are openings in roofs that allow light to pass through. They take up a part of your roof as glass windows. Most varieties can be opened, closed and covered according to the owner’s preferences. They’re a great addition to daylighting.



Fenestrations were first used by the Roman Empire during the first century AD. In fact, glass became a major commodity at the time. People at the time were installing windows on their roof as big as they could afford it. As glass production improved over the centuries, the quality of fenestrations went with it. In the olden days, the material has iron oxide, giving it a green or yellow tint.

Angelo Barovier started experimenting with new ways to make the material and came up with Cristallo – glass as clear as crystal, during 1480. Whilst the production of this material was still difficult at the time, it was a definite improvement from previous methods. This paved the way for future skylight production. Cathedrals and important buildings started using glass to cover small parts of their roofs.

The Industrial Revolution fully realised skylight production. Machines made it easier to create large pieces of glass without much work. They produced consistent items with very low production value, thus making it widely available to more people.

Fenestrations were soon becoming a popular choice for even regular people. Oil lamps were commonly used at the time. They could be a chore to keep burning. This type of lighting was costly as well. Using a skylight saved money on oil lamp materials during the day, as they provided enough sunlight in closed structures – without the risk of fires.

Since then, glass manufacturing and production technologies have vastly improved. We now have models that are insulated. This means they can let in sunlight whilst keeping the temperatures inside the structure even. Different frame materials can now be used in fenestrations. Lightweight options like aluminium and PVC are now widely available.

A roof lantern is the best choice for people who want to save on electricity. They have an added bonus of providing a good view of the sky whilst staying indoors. They’re functional as both a light source and design element to any structure.

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