What You Need to Know About SMSF

A self-managed superannuation fund or an SMSF is a fund with a maximum of 4 members. Each of these members is considered to be a trustee. With this type of investment strategy, Australians are given the chance to take a more active role in planning for their retirement life. If you are interested to know more about this, here are some things you need to know:



Greater Control and Involvement

It’s no secret that people want transparency. They want to know where the money they’re investing goes. By investing in this type of plan, you can easily control where and how your retirement savings are invested. Compared to traditional and ready-made funding plans, you have more options to choose from.

Flexible Investment Schemes

Aside from including or transferring your own listed shares, you can also include the properties that you own, giving you maximum flexibility. The possibilities are endless with this type of superannuation fund. Not only will you get the chance to create your own investment strategy, you can also manage these on your own.

Lower Fees

Other funds like these in the industry can be difficult to get into, especially when you have to pay a higher amount. However, in this strategy, you can simply combine your assets to help accumulate larger retirement funds when the time comes.

Better Performance

By availing this investment scheme, you are entitled to your full taxes and law changes. These will offer you larger tax benefits. Aside from protecting your asset, these structures afford members an effective rate of 10% on their capital gains.

If you have more questions on what SMSF is about, feel free to contact Fusion Financial Group today. They have a team of financial experts who can give you sound advice on how to save for your future. By working with them, you are ensuring yourself a future that is bright and stable.