The 5 Key Roles in Successful Film Production

During film production, each of these roles is important. In a small-scale production, one man will fulfill several of these roles but without diminishing their importance to anything. As you read the list, try to see yourself in that position and understand and feel what that role entails:

The Director: Visionary and Storyteller

This person understands the vision of the whole story and how it should be told, the best kind and the most appropriate methods to put a convincing message. The director ensures that the emotions that lead to the action are there and reach the spectator. So, at least in theory, is the most important role in film production.

The Producer: Organiser and the Heart of the Production

The producer shall ensure that all items necessary for production are purchased, available and ready for use: the creative brief, script and story, likely a storyboard, budget, a list of producing locations, necessary equipment, team and distribution strategy. The producer is the centre of the entire production. He or she is responsible for the entire planning before and after the camera begins filming, filming in the best conditions, processing and distribution time—all within budget!

Video Professionals: Camera and lights

Camera quality, HD/4K resolution, lighting, composition, framing, graphic design, animation, colour correction—the camera operator or the cinematographer controls all the elements that define the visual quality of the video. Investing in a quality video spot will impress, as a low-quality video will ruin your reputation. In either case, you will leave an impression. Make sure that you have it right.

Sound Technician: A Better Recorder and Mixed Sound

The sound is extremely important more than words. Most times, the sound is even more important than the video. This extends to all processes involving sound: voice recording on set, audio effects, soundtrack, voice-over, editing, audio, etc. Viewers will often accept a mediocre vision but will not tolerate a bad sound.

Post-Production Technician: Editor

Film production requires the correct equipment used in the correct manner to create the desired result. The producer knows what needs to be collected and the director understands and knows how the story will be told. Audio and video technicians manipulate and adjust the audio and video material in the planned and desired mix of the director and producer according to the brief and script.

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