The Complexities of Deciding on a Web Designer

Web Designer

So you have an idea of what you need in a website. You have sifted through a sea of portfolios, matched them with references and landed on a few reputable web design professionals that match your style and fit within your budget. Now you need to figure out some more intricate details of each one before you actually take the plunge.

Make sure that your web design professional has expertise in the platform or CMS that you have chosen to work with or that can help you to choose the right one. Finding the right CMS for your business is essential for your decision making process and you want to make sure that it is also a right fit for your company and project.

Always ask who will actually be developing and coding your site and whether they are foreign or local. Finding out that some of the coding is wrong and your web design professional is from another country can be disastrous when there is a huge time zone gap and you need it done immediately. Discuss where the work will be done to avoid this issue.

Can your web design professional meet your deadlines? Before you commit to a professional make sure that you are clear on the scope of your needs and the timeline for work produced. Ensure that they are clear on the work to be delivered, the amount of changes that you may request and what is required from your side. These details are crucial for your web design project.

Figure out if you will be the one who actually owns the design and the website content. Before you hire a web designer or developer, ask them if they are willing to sign over all intellectual property rights to your site. This is an important factor to know up front because if you do not own the content and the design it can hurt your investment capital and also if or when you go to sell your business. A good designer or developer will be willing to sign over those rights because it is common practice. If they do not, then that would be a huge red flag.

Deciding on a web design professional isn’t as easy as picking the cheapest one or the one that says they will get it done the quickest. There are some properties to this search which can really damage your business if you don’t pay attention to the details.

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