The Wonders Of Sri Lanka

In the fight for the title of Eighth Wonder of the World, there are too many candidates to choose from. These candidates are categorized to Natural Places, Pre-1900 creations, Post-1900 creations, People and even in Fiction.

It has lots of category and candidates to choose, but still it is Sri Lanka that received the honor. However there are just Seven Wonders of the World and the Eighth are being used based on who is judging. After that UNESCO speaks for itself and declared Sigiriya to receive the title.

Some tour packages in Sri Lanka offer this kind of tour and proudly introducing this fact about them. Being the Eighth Wonder of the World, it is a great. Sri Lanka has its good fight for this title in pre-1900 creations.

These are some hints how a ruined place have been selected.

Ancient city of Sigiriya is admired due to it pre-Christian frescoes. This Pre-1900 creation is a ruined palace and it is great rock protection against attacks or called fortress surrounded by supply of water, which mostly like lake. This fortress is a lion’s mouth with pre-Christian frescoes inside the palace.

The art of painting on wet plaster or frescoes influenced the art of language are being visited by some tour packages in Sri Lanka. The posterior from frescoes to language demonstrate the improvement of literature and art during those times. The structure of this said wonder of the world began its archeological work since 1982. This is a sculpted of a lion’s head above the legs and paws located on the both sides of the entrance, but the head was broken long time ago. There are graffiti of paintings to 50 women. However when the palace become monastery again, the graffiti was erased to prevent distractions of meditation.

For now, when avail be the tour packages Sri Lanka probably this ancient city of Sirigiya is proud of its extremely large lion made out of bricks and plaster that has access on the site .This ancient city of Sri Lanka received the title Eighth Wonder of the World from UNESCO. For now a days this structure is very well known as a mountain climbing obstacle for the tourist. Since for you to be able to see the structure, you have to climb on steep mountains.

This structure is very well known to all tourists that are adventurer and health conscious. This is the reason of being enlisted in the tour packages in Sri Lanka. It is a great exercise to your body to go mountain climbing and a great experience to adventurers that are eager and willing to endure the climbing just to witness by their eyes the beauty of ancient Sirigiya.