Tips on Choosing Hand Basins for your Bathroom

A beautiful bathroom can be a place of relaxation. Tired and achy muscles can be relieved by soaking in the tub filed with warm water and sweet-smelling bath soaks. You can add beauty in your bathroom by choosing fixtures that are well-coordinated to make it look very elegant, which includes the hand basins.

1)    Above counter basins- this is appropriate for the minimalist style of bathroom. This is a free-standing basin and it has a simple and angular lines. This looks good on small bathroom because it does not eat too much space.

2)    Inset hand basins- this is also referred to as counter wash basins and it is usually equipped with a small cabinet to place all the bath essentials. It comes in square, round, and some even have flower-shaped designs.

3)    Drop in basins- this is somewhat similar to the inset design but differs in shapes. This is usually made simpler with only rectangular or square shape with smooth edges.

4)    Semi-recessed basins- these hand basins for the bathroom is specifically designed for smaller bathrooms. The construction materials make it very durable and the design concept makes it easy to clean and maintain.

5)    Pedestal and wall basins- these kinds of hand basins are attached directly on the walls and they are also ideal for compact-sized bathrooms. The basins can be made more attractive by adding pedestals and a way to hide the plumbing pipes.

6)    Stone basins- these are for those who are not budget-conscious. The materials are from Italy and it will make the bathroom very elegant-looking. Bathrooms with stone basins are not just after the functionality, but also give emphasis on the design concept of the bathroom.

7)    Glass basins- these are hand basins that compliment the look of a modern-design bathroom. These look great with tapware, pedestals, and other bathroom fixtures that also have the modern design concept. Maintenance is pretty easy for these kinds of hand basins.


Materials vary when it comes to the construction of hand basins. The most basic of all is the one made from stainless steel because of its anti-corrosion property. Then there are those that are made from ceramic materials which result in a smooth surface. Many colors are available to suit one’s style. Some basins are made from marble and these are very durable yet expensive. For the less-expensive ones, materials are from plastic but they do not usually last long and they are not scratch-resistant.

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