Tips on Understanding the Patenting Process in Australia

If you are reading this article then you probably are interested in applying for a patent. You might have some idea about a patent, its legal benefits and its selection criteria but remember that the patent application process varies from country to country. The patenting process in Australia is very strict and is built to protect the best interests of the applicants and the community. There are a number of things you have to keep in mind before filing the application.

Choose the application process

A patent application process can be started off in a number of ways. You could file an Australian national provisional application to establish the exact date of your invention while you file your actual application after taking some time to consult with legal experts.

Alternatively you can directly file an Australian complete application with the patent office for grant of a legal patent. The patent you apply for may be a standard or an innovation patent. The international patent application process will be necessary for validating your patent internationally. If you want to convert a PCT application into a national application then you have to follow the rules made for entry into the national phase.

The patent cooperation treaty

The PCT or patent cooperation treaty is made to facilitate the use and simplification of the process of application of the treaty in all member countries. The PCT has 140 participating countries which include the European Union, Australia, Canada, USA, Japan and China. If you are looking forward to legally apply your intellectual property rights in multiple countries then an international patent application under the PCT treaty is recommended. All this information will surely help you when you are filing your application with the help of Patent attorneys.