Tips to Boost The SEO Of Your Company Videos

Company Videos

Corporate videos can boost your online marketing efforts, including our SEO campaign. Here are some tips to make them boost your business visibility on search engines such as Google:

Provide catchy title and keywords – Pick a title that can easily be searched and use Google Keyword Planner and other online tools that make finding keyword easy for you. If you are using WordPress for your company site, install Yoast SEO to make your company movie searchable and accessible to many people.

Embed the video – Embedding the video on your corporate website or landing page can increase the possibility of it to be searched. Place it in a prominent position that will make it accessible for your website visitor.

Include a transcription – Google and other search engines have no capacity to read audio. Hence, you need a transcription of the film in the text of your blog or web page. This text version of your film clip allows Google to crawl on the keywords that the audio of your corporate movie mentions.

Upload it on YouTube – YouTube is the second largest search engine. It is also a subsidiary of Google. As such, uploading your video on the world’s most popular video-sharing site that is closely linked to the biggest search engine makes it very recognisable in cyberspace.

Keep the videos short and specific – Make sure each video you upload on YouTube explains only one specific topic or idea. This practice will make your videos to be watched more likely by viewers.

Provide ways for your viewers to share your video – The more your videos are shared by social media channels, the more it will become popular. If you post it on your company website, include a YouTube widget so that visitors can quickly see your latest video posts. Also, try to encourage your viewers to embed your corporate film on their website together with a link to your web page.

Make sure your video works – A missing or non-functional video can frustrate your viewers. Always see to it that it can be viewed with the highest resolution and it is produced by leading producers such as Clear Concept Productions. To know more about the company, visit