/Warning Signs Of A Blocked Sewer Drain

Warning Signs Of A Blocked Sewer Drain

A blocked sewer drains is a very serious problem. It is indeed a plumbing emergency: water has no outflow, meaning the clog can affect your own home’s plumbing. It is important to avoid using the plumbing at home when there is a blocked sewer drains. Of course, prevention and awareness are of utmost importance. The following are the warning signs of a blocked sewer drains:

1. Backing up of plumbing fixtures – one obvious sign of blocked sewer drains is if water backs up in one of the plumbing fixtures in your house, especially on the lower levels. It is easy to notice in toilets, in particular but backing up of water from toilets are usually a late sign already. Toilets usually have direct paths to the sewer, itself. Water can also back up from tubs and showers which can also be due to a stoppage in the main drainage line.

2. Clogged fixtures – Try to flush a toilet. If water remains and just builds up, this means that the toilet is clogged. As mentioned earlier, toilets usually have direct lines to sewers so this easily means that you have a blocked sewer drain. The same can be said with tubs and showers where drained water can backflow.

3. Bubbling of faucet water – A strange sign to look for is bubbling of water from the faucets or of water in the toilets. This means that air is trapped in the plumbing system. This can occur in clogged sewer lines.

4. Overflowing toilet when using washing machines – Try to run your washing machine and observe the following occurrence: when draining the machine out, look for an overflowing toilet in your house. This happens because the water’s exit into the main sewer line has been blocked. It has no other way to go but back up so consequently, the toilets overflow.

Note that the signs mentioned above could just be an isolated plumbing problem and not a blocked sewer drain. Ask neighbors if they are noticing the same signs or check if other plumbing fixtures in the house are unaffected. The scale of the clog can be assessed by checking the number of areas affected by the suspected clog. If you notice any of the warning signs mentioned above, call a professional plumber or rent a sewer drain snake to clear the clog out yourself. Blocked toilets, blocked plumbing and water backing up to the showers and tubs are very unpleasant, so solve the problem as fast as possible with the help of blocked sewer drains Brisbane to avoid inconvenience.