Web Design

You definitely need your own custom website if you want to build your brand on the online market. A unique custom website is your best and only tool for increasing traffic, improving conversion rates and garnering the right amount of attention. However, custom web design is expensive and you must try to get it right each time you go for a new website or revisions or updates. You must know how to identify the right designer and what to check beforehand so that you can be absolutely sure of spending your money in the correct manner.

Checklist for your Custom Website

Compared to template-based websites; custom websites really have no limitation of design or content. You can upload anything and everything that you feel will make a significant difference to your business fortunes. However, this also means that you can get carried away and land up with a website that is unnecessarily complicated, slow and difficult to navigate. This is the first thing to remember while conceptualizing your custom website. Remember that your designer will follow your brief so you have only yourself to blame if you d

on’t get the desired results.

Secondly, keep in mind the exact objective of your website. Some business owners want their websites to spread their brand name, others want more online

subscribers while still others want an e-commerce site for online business. Your designer will want to know clearly your exact objective so that he can design the layout accordingly.

Thirdly, do keep in mind your budget. Go through websites you like (of similar companies) and cite these as examples to your designer so that he can understand your vision clearly. You can then sit down and discuss the budget together on how to achieve a balance between your vision and your pocket.