What a Wedding Video Should Contain

Are you finally getting married to your childhood sweetheart? There’s no question your wedding will be full of unforgettable memories. Hence, it would be best if someone would make a video of it and here are 4 things that should be present in the wedding video:

The Entrance

The primary sponsors, the entourage and the couple will all have their moments entering the church. They all have roles in the wedding because of their relationship to the bride and the groom. Therefore, they should all be included in the wedding video unless you want them to feel left out.

The Church Exit

When the newlyweds exit the church, everyone will throw flowers at them as they kiss. This is one of those moments that should be captured as it’s a picture-perfect moment. There’s no doubt it won’t happen again, so the videographer must be in the right spot where nobody is blocking him. At the same time, he should be real close to the couple whilst they exit.

The Speech of the Parents

At the reception, the parents will make a speech and they’re expected to tackle many things. It’s rare for the parents to speak their minds in front of so many people. Therefore, their speech should be captured in the wedding video from start to finish.

The Thanksgiving Speech

In what’s regarded as the closing remarks, the couple will make a speech telling everyone how thankful they are that they went to the event. Both the bride and groom don’t necessarily have to speak. In fact, only one of them can do the honours.

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