What Are Pass Through Dishwashers

Washing dishes by hand in a restaurant, cafe or a small business can be demanding of labour work. It would consume time and money just for dishes but it is important to have sanitized plates, glasses and utensils for the business to keep on running. Imagine a large food chain industry having to wash their dishes manually; the manual labour is tripled just for it. To reduce the time wasted and labour done, pass through dishwashers were made for more convenience in the business.

Even if it is a small business, they opt to consider using a dishwasher because it would increase their productivity and sales since washing dishes can take up more than an hour if done by one person. And it is more sanitary to let the dishwasher do so because humans are prone to errors. In comparison to a dishwasher, it can transform regular hand washing time of an hour into just three minutes or less. Dishwashers can sanitized and kill more germs than regular hand washing of dishes. The detergent and type of water used in the dish washing machines are engineered to remove more dirt or germs in any dish it cleans.


A pass through dishwasher is an example of a dishwasher but it has far better features.

• It is an improved version of a regular dishwasher since it is designed for commercial use in the food industry. The convenience of having to slide the racks full of dishes onto the dishwasher saves more time than having to open the lid of a dishwasher and closing it again.

• The design of the pass through dishwasher is that it is an upright and tall dishwasher. The operator will only pass the rack of dishes under the pass through dishwasher’s mouth and the operator clamps down the pass through dishwasher and turn on some buttons to begin the washing and cleansing cycle. It is that simple to use and have around in a small or large business.

• The steps of using a pass through dishwasher are to remove the leftovers of the plates, glasses, spoon and forks. After removing the excess food, put it on the rack and organize it to make it all fit. Some pass through dishwashers offer a lot of slots in a rack so it is important to consider how big or small the rack should be in use for. Next is the sliding of rack and passing it through the pass through dishwasher.

That is how the name was originated because the operator only needs to pass the racks to make the dishwasher clean it. After that, the pass through dishwasher is clamped down to let the cycle begin. There are a lot of buttons but the most common ones are wash and rinse. Very extreme hot of water is used that way the drying process is fast since hot water evaporates and only becomes moist. While the dishwasher is having its cycle the operator can do other manual work to pass the time.