If you are thinking of a business that can lead you to the road of success, mobile car detailing is going to be a suitable venture. This business can be done online or offline depending on your preference. It is important that you gain deeper understanding about the products and techniques so you can obtain desirable results and make your business successful.

Before you operate an auto detailing service, make sure that you have secured a business license. Regarding the length of the process, it will be dependent on the area you are applying from. You need to contact the city government so you will have an idea how you go about operating your business in your area. You need to be ready with your business name because it will remain on file. Aside from the business permit, it is also necessary to get sales permit especially if you want to sell car care products. You need to protect your business against property damage and liability business insurance is going to be important.


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It is normal to struggle in marketing your business at first but you need to be very patient because it will take time before your prospects will discover what your business can offer. One of the effective ways you can market your business is by giving away promotional products. Do not forget to include your contact details so the customers will know where to reach you in case they need your service. You should also try to establish a strong online presence because majority of transactions are usually done online. You can hire a professional web designer to do the job, but if you have a friend who knows the job, you can certainly consider them instead.

You need to purchase a service vehicle to run your business smoothly. If you have an existing vehicle, you can convert it into a service vehicle, but make sure that it can accommodate more than one employee. A service vehicle should carry your business name and logo for it to be fully functional. Make sure it can store cleaning tools and supplies.

Before you go fully operational, make sure you have checked all of your supplies and cleaning tools. Some of the car cleaning accessories you will need for your mobile car detailing business include waxes, vacuums, car wash detergents, carpet stain removers and polishes. You will need additional supplies if you want to offer extra services to the customers.

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