What You Need To Tell Your Photo Booth Hire Company

Now that you have decided that you will include photo booth hire on your event. it is time for you to look for the best photo booth hire company to provide you the service. You know that in Australia, there are a lot of companies providing photo booth hire, thus you know that your options are not limited, thus giving you more chances of choosing a good company to provide you the service.

Moving on, if you want, you can always ask them relevant questions that will help you decide where to get your photo booth hire service.

When and where is the event?

Letting them know their availability on your event date is a must. Some good photo booth hire companies are fully loaded with their schedules, thus checking their calendar of they are vacant on the date you specified is a must. Check if they are available on the date you need their service.

Not all photo booth hire companies can provide service in any point in Australia, thus letting them know your location and asking if they service your area is a must. You would not want to end up disappointed few days or a week before the event, just because you failed to ask their availability to service your location.

Can they offer you discounts and freebies?

Sure, something that you can ask them straight out is a must. If they say yes to discounts and freebies, well and good, and if not, then there is nothing wrong anyway, at least you ask. Of course, the more freebies and higher discounts they can give, the better. You know for a fact that expenses may come huge for any events you will organize and host, thus getting possible discounts and freebies is a huge help.

What are their package inclusions?

How many shots will the package include? How many hours? Does it include USB or CD? How many props are you expecting? Knowing your package inclusion is a must for you to identify whether they are getting a good package or not or whether you are getting better package rates or the package rate you are getting is more expensive than the other. Comparing the package inclusion from one photo booth hire company to another will give you a better idea on where to get the service. Do not focus just on the price but more on the package inclusions.