Wooden Floors vs. Laminated Ones

In deciding what type of flooring to have in your home is quite confusing. Actually, if you are in a dilemma between wooden floors and laminated floor type, this article will give you information about the differences between the two. As you go along, you will be guided on the differentiating characteristics to help you arrive in the best choice you prefer for your flooring.

Installation is the next characteristic to consider. In here, laminated floors are easily installed while even allowing a home owner to do it on her own. As long as home owners have carpentry experience, then it would be easy to do it. However, wooden floors’ installation process is a bit challenging. That is why, it is highly recommended to hire an expert installer to avoid unlikely result in the end product. First characteristic to consider is the life span. Adelaide timber flooring have longer life span compared to the laminated floors. As long as installation is properly done by a skilled installer, for sure your type of flooring could last a lifetime. On the other hand, laminated floors have the tendency to loosen their original color which makes it have a less life span.


Next characteristic is the re-conditioning. Actually, laminated floors have no ability to get reconditioned. Not even once. Every time there is a problem encountered with your laminated flooring, it is hard to revive it; therefore, you need to replace it as soon as possible. While on the other hand, wooden floors can

easily be maintained. Basically, there are less reasons why your hardwood flooring can be reconditioned because they are designed to be durable thus maintenance is never hard. Take note, for as long as your hardwood flooring is correctly and properly installed, there is no reason to keep reconditioning it over time.

Another to consider is the price. In today’s generation, people always consider the cost of everything they tend to purchase. So, for those people who make the cost a big factor that n

eeds to be considered, laminated flooring is recommended since it is way cheaper than the wooden type of flooring.

The design and color are the next characteristics. Laminated floors have a vast design than the wooden ones. These give an edge to laminated type of flooring. On the other hand, wooden floors have minimal options available.


Last characteristic is the value addition. Wooden Floors Installation in Brisbane give a classing touch and costly look in your home. Its durability adds a greater value to your home. While the laminated ones, portray a simple and modern-casual look.

Hire a painters to help you pick the right paint colors for your home.

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